The blog’s brief hiatus has come to an end and will be back this month with a vengeance! I will continue to celebrate the music of the great (greatest) year of pop music – 1984 via the blog’s regular features as well as some special posts.

Coming soon – we’re going to celebrate the music of Bruce Springsteen, Janet Jackson, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Huey Lewis, Madonna, Tina Turner, Eurythmics, Stevie Wonder, U2 and many, many more!

And August is Prince month on 1984 (For the Love of Pop’s Greatest Year). I’m honoring the 30th anniversary of Purple Rain with special posts and special guests.

I love chatting (obsessing) with people about their love of music from ’84 – so please let me know if there’s a song, album or artist you’d like to discuss with me on the blog.


2 thoughts on “AND WE’RE BACK!

  1. belle★beckford

    I’ve been in a Queen, Chaka Khan, and Tina Turner mood recently. I will happily speak to anyone about music from the 80s since that was the time in which I grew up. I hope you do some Culture Club — Boy George and his band are actually back in the studio too 🙂


    1. Sean Post author

      I’m thinking about doing a special ‘Diva Week” and would love to include Tina and Chaka. Would love to talk to you about either of those amazing ladies!



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