Easier Listening: 1984 Mixtape

I’ve made a mixtape just for you!

It includes many of the songs I’ve written about on this blog (songs from Michael Jackson’s Thriller, EurythmicsDuran Duran, Cyndi Lauper, Cameo, Prince and many more) and will expand as I continue to pay tribute to the music of pop’s greatest year!

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4 thoughts on “Easier Listening: 1984 Mixtape

  1. janegundogan

    Good mix – love INXS – but wouldn’t be a 1984 mixtape without Van Halen’s Jump or (and totally showing my age) OMG Dan Hartman – I can dream about youuuuuuu, if I can’t hold you tonighttttt. Streets of Fire! Definitely!

    OK now I’m sounding a little crazy.

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    1. Sean Post author

      A Van Halen post is in the works! I’m calling on a former Vh1 and Fuse Rock DJ to help me out with that one. And thank you for reminding me about Dan Hartman – he slipped under my radar 🙂



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