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Cyndi Lauper Never Lies: 30 Years of She-Bopping

Like myself, Cyndi Lauper has also decided to celebrate the music of 1984. In her case – she’s re-releasing her debut album ‘She’s So Unusual,’ which turns 30 this year. In ’84 I liked Cyndi Lauper, but I didn’t love her. I thought her music was catchy and she got major points in my book for casting pro wrestler Captain Lou Albano in her Girls Just Wanna Have Fun video. But I also thought of her as a bit of a novelty act.  What I think I failed to understand back then was that one could have a sense of humor and also be a serious musician. There were so many painfully serious, incredibly earnest acts at the time – I didn’t realize what a breath of fresh, Long Island accented air Cyndi was for the pop scene.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is classic and Time After Time is perhaps one of the greatest pop ballads ever written, but I had a soft spot for She-Bop. I was so very pleased with myself for figuring out the song was about self-pleasure (we won’t go into why that was an easy analysis for a 16 year old boy to make) and now 30 years later Ms, Lauper has validated my theory! Thank you Cyndi!