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From the Vault: The Swing by INXS


From the Vault

30 years old this month.

Before their biggest hits “Devil Inside,” and “Need You Tonight,” INXS released The Swing in 1984 (I’m happy to say my vinyl copy has survived countless moves over the past 30 years). I’d argue it’s their best album.

Want to hear a perfect pop song? Listen to Side A, Track 3 – “I Send a Message”. How about one of the best pop songs ever recorded about interracial love (yes, EVEN BETTER than Stevie Wonder’s “Jungle Fever”)? Then listen to the album’s first track (produced by the GREAT Nile Rodgers), “Original Sin,” and then just keep going and listen to the entire record all the way through. It’s sexy and melodic. It’s danceable rock n’ roll. It’s Michael Hutchence’s voice and Garry Beers’ bass and Kirk Pengilly’s Sax and the Farriss brothers on guitars, keyboards and drums.

Plus,  the album has a song called “Johnson’s Aeroplane,” and that makes me very happy.

If you don’t have a 30 year old vinyl copy – try it out on Spotify: